Dometic DM & RM2652, RM2653, RM3662, RM3663 - Bolt On Bracket Cooling Unit

Dometic DM & RM2652, RM2653, RM3662, RM3663 - Bolt On Bracket Cooling Unit
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Product Description

Dometic DM & RM2652, RM2653, RM3662, RM3663 - Bolt On Bracket Cooling Unit
Replacement cooling unit kit for the following models: RM2652, RM2662, RM3662, RM3663.

Note. These are for the cooling units with the removeable, or bolt on, gas valve brackets identified by a 606 tank number.

The replacement cooling unit kit consists of the cooling unit, detailed installation instructions, troubleshooting guides, and a tube of thermal mastic.

These units are covered by a 2 Year Warranty on the entire cooling unit with a 5 Year Warranty against leaks in the evaporator.

A core return is required using prepaid return shipping labels that we furnish. The core fee on this unit is $100, and will be billed if we do not receive a core returned within 1 month.


Replacement Electric Heating Element
Quite often, when cooling units in this series fail, it is due to a crack in the boiler area. When this happens, it is very common for the heating element to short out as the liquid inside the boiler is released onto the red hot heating element. It is a good practice to replace the heating element when you replace your cooling unit.
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Replacement Insulation
Replace the old, worn out insulation found in the insulation pack surrounding your boiler assembly and increase the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Recommended when you replace your cooling unit.
SAFEGUARD System Upgrade for Dometic Cooling Units.

If you have heard of the recent recalls by both Dometic and Norcold, then you are aware of the risk of fire due to the chemical contents of the cooling unit....specifically the chemical gas hydrogen that standard cooling units are pressurized with.

The RV Fridge Store has developed a new charge that replaces the hydrogen with a non-flammable inert gas, thus eliminating the risk of fire associated with a possible cooling unit failure. The new gas also has shown to increase the efficiency of the coolant charge.
12 Volt Auxilliary Fan Kit
12 Volt Auxilliary Fan Kit
One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your refrigerator is to increase the flow of air over the cooling unit on back of the refrigerator. Often times, the side and roof vents alone are not enough.

This kit features a 4 inch, 12 volt fan with a very low .02 amp draw as well as a heavy duty toggle switch and zip ties for mounting virtually anywhere. Simply mount the fan onto the lower exterior vent and direct the cool airflow into the refrigerator compartment. Or, buy 2 kits and mount one on the top vent blowing the air out of the compartment and you will see even better results.

During times of high ambient temperatures, just turn on the toggle switch and watch the temperatures inside the box drop. Or, bypass the switch and wire directly into a thermal disc (sold seperately) and the fan will turn itself off and on when the temperature inside the compartment reaches a set point.

Independent research has shown these fans to lower the operating temperatures inside the refrigerator, decrease the time that the refrigerator reaches operating temperatures at start-up, and increase the refrigerators performance by up to 40%.
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